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Something festers in the swamps of
New Orleans.
Something ancient. Something evil.

Coming soon straight to your ears. Wherever you listen to podcasts.

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The Call of the Void is a contained, nine episode science-fiction/mystery podcast

produced by Acorn Arts & Entertainment.

The Story

Set in modern day New Orleans, the story follows Topher, a young man trying to save his father from a mysterious condition affecting him physically and mentally, and Etsy, a young woman who must confront a dark past and overcome the destructive forces of hatred and evil. The root of the story is courage, love, and forgiveness, in a frame of science-fiction and mystery.

Meet the Team

Michael Alan Herman

USC MFA Graduate and raging metrosexual. 

"My patronus is a frog. A dark frog. My patronus is Dark Kermit."

Josie Eli Lapczynski 

Producer. Writer. Catcher of all the Pokemon. 

"I used to dress-up as Spiderman for kids' birthday parties. Stopping at gas stations in my work clothes was a humiliation that will stay with me forever."

Current Development

The script is complete and our audio recording equipment is in! Our cast list is complete and we will be recording at the end of April. From there, we will quickly move into post-production, and begin releasing weekly episodes Spring, 2019. 

"this is a really good podcast" -Michael's mom



Help us cut production costs and keep us out of the poor-house! In addition to our undying love and affection, you'll also receive public recognition and advertisements! Wowza!